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OMEP Czech Announcement, February 2019:



Dear European OMEP Colleagues and Friends,

Some of you participated at the OMEP World Assembly and Conference in Prague in June 2018 where we celebrated the 70th Anniversary of OMEP. We believe that you still have this event in your memories. The Czech OMEP committee see such opportunities to meet face to face as a very important part of our OMEP mission.  This is the reason why we, for the next three years, have decided to establish financial support for delegates who want to participate in an OMEP conference and meeting on the European level, but do not have enough resources.

The next European Meeting and Conference will be held in May 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. The participation fee is 220 EUR. Thus, OMEP Czech announces REGISTRATION FEE CONTRIBUTION (220 EUR) for two persons – members of European National OMEP committees – who will represent their country.

If you are interested in this offer, we ask Presidents of European National committees to send the following information to Czech OMEP before 10th of April 2019:

  1. Name of the Delegate, and contact details

  2. Name of the OMEP National Committee

  3. Short letter of support written by the President of National Committee


We believe that this is one way to contribute to better cooperation within OMEP Europe.


On behalf of OMEP Czech

Milada Rabusicova (President OMEP Czech)

E-mail address:


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